CFTC and European Commission Reach Concordance on Derivatives

The European Commission and the CFTC have many advantages of developing cross-border regulations together. In light of this demonstration of international cooperation, some have hopes that the G20 promise to promote transparency in over-the-counter derivatives trading will become more of a focal point in regulation.


Basel Committee Reform Capital Rules of Derivatives Trading

The first paper improves upon the interim credit assessment suggestions that the Basel Committee made with the Current Exposure Method (CEM) and the Standardised Method. The new credit risk assessment of counterparties in derivative trading fine-tune upon the CEM and the Standardised Method by creating separate risk exposure plans for margined and unmargined trades.

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CFTC Brings Charges Against Corzine For MF Global Collapse

Corzine originally joined MF Global with intent to turn the futures broker into an investment bank, and according to the CFTC release, “Corzine’s strategy called for making increasingly risky and larger investments of the firm’s money.” Apparently, Corzine had been made aware of the low cash balance of the firm, but still continued to order the payback of loans and obligations.


Gary Gensler’s Term May Be Over in July

The other members on the commission, such as Sommers, Chilton, O’Malia, and Wetjen are also up for re-appointments this year, and lobbyists and lawyers are waiting eagerly to see what the turnover is. According to the bylaws of the Commission, each commissioner is supposed to serve a five year term, as appointed by the president. Furthermore, no more than three members may be of the same political party at the same time.


ISDA Standardizes Swap Valuations with New CSA

According to the International Finance Review (IFR), the initial CSA that was published by the ISDA in 1994 had an enormous amount of optionality by allowing participants to use a “variety of collateral in differing currencies,” making the valuation of even the simplest swaps an intricate ordeal.

The new Standardized CSA aims to remove this optionality while solidifying overnight index swaps (OiS) discounting as the industry standard and creating a consistent valuation process for cleared and uncleared swaps.