Mary Jo White

SEC Chair discusses refining company disclosure reports

While White feels all of the provided information she mentioned is or has been useful to investors, she wonders if there isn’t a more efficient way to provide this information, fearing that the often lengthy reports can be difficult for investors to work through.

CFTC appoints Christopher Ehrman as new Director of Whistleblower Office

Christopher Ehrman made Director of Whistleblower Office at CFTC

Christopher Ehrman was most recently an Assistant Director at the Office of Market Intelligence at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and brings with him extensive regulatory experience. As Gary Gensler said, in a CFTC press release that came out today, “Chris, who comes to us after many years of experience in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, takes on an important role at the Commission to oversee our Whistleblower program and engage with people who report misconduct in the futures and swaps markets.”

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Gensler Urges Fast Action on Cross-Border Derivatives

Gary Gensler, Chairman of the CFTC, told members of the Senate Appropriations committee that the CFTC would let the extension expire and continue reformation. He also mentioned that swap participants, including big banks, would comply with the regulations. An exemption from cross-border swap regulation is set to expire on June 12th, meaning firms participating in swaps would have to finalize compliance by that date.


Wall Street to Face Cyber-Attack in Exercise

Can Wall Street survive an all-out cyber-attack? According to Reuters, that question will be answered on June 28. That is when SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) plans to commence Quantum Dawn 2, an…


U.S. House Passes Bill To Loosen Federal Grip on FX Derivative Trading

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) was prepared to supervise all derivatives trading, including FX trading ─however the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took a more hands-off approach by allowing overseas derivative trading to bypass U.S. regulation if the country in which they occur had a regulation system that closely resembles our own.