Simulated Wall Street Cybersecurity Attack to Test Preparedness

Since the last cybersecurity simulation in 2011, the list of firms and institutions wishing to be included in this years attack has more than doubled, according to the SIFMA brief released today. The organizations undergoing the attack has grown to include stock exchanges, businesses, the U.S. Treasury and Department of Homeland Security, and the simulation will attempt to expose any critical weaknesses in security these firms may have.

CFTC appoints Christopher Ehrman as new Director of Whistleblower Office

Christopher Ehrman made Director of Whistleblower Office at CFTC

Christopher Ehrman was most recently an Assistant Director at the Office of Market Intelligence at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and brings with him extensive regulatory experience. As Gary Gensler said, in a CFTC press release that came out today, “Chris, who comes to us after many years of experience in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, takes on an important role at the Commission to oversee our Whistleblower program and engage with people who report misconduct in the futures and swaps markets.”