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Felix Shipkevich December 16, 2009

IIROC issued a Rules Notice Request for Comments on its Review of IIROC Arbitration Program.
Commencing in the fall of 2008, IIROC undertook a comprehensive review and evaluation of the arbitration program. The results are discussed in the Notice.

IIROC invites public comment on the matters raised in the Notice and, particularly, the following:

1. the benefits of arbitration and the viability of the program;

2. the experience of parties to arbitration cases under the program and suggestions to improve effectiveness and utilization of the program; and

3. IIROC’s proposal to increase the award limit under the program from the current limit of $100,000.

Comments will be accepted until March 16, 2010. Comments will be posted on the IIROC web site.

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  1. Solid advice, Jay. I just completed a social media strategy plan for a non-profit arts organization and followed those same steps. I believe that I developed a plan that will work for them, and perhaps even be fun to use. One important lesson I’ve learned is there is no “one size fits all” social media strategy. Social media usage has to be customized for the organization–and for the folks within that organization who will be responsible for maintaining it.

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