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Felix Shipkevich December 19, 2017

This month the National Futures Association announced to its members additional reporting requirements for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency soliciting, orders, trading, and offering such products. The notice to members was address to Introducing Brokers (IBs), Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs), Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), and Futures Commission Merchant (FCMs) for which the NFA is the DSRO. Any of these […]

Felix Shipkevich December 12, 2017

The CFTC’s Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight responded to a letter from the Futures Industry Association (FIA) requesting guidance for Commodity Trading Advisor (CTAs) registration requirements. The Division stated in a staff letter that commodity trading advice conducted “solely incidental” to a profession, or “solely in connection with” business is not subject to […]

Felix Shipkevich June 7, 2013

With this new position, O’Connor will have hands-on involvement in driving ISDA’s strategic initiatives. The pace and scope of those initiatives continues to increase given global regulatory reform and the continued evolution of the financial markets and the OTC derivatives business. To address these needs, the decision was made to appoint a full-time chairman who could devote more time and energy to directing and leading the Association.