Shipkevich Bitcoin and ICO Attorney
Felix Shipkevich September 30, 2009

The CFTC announced it obtained an emergency court order freezing assets held by defendants M25 Investments, Inc., M37 Investments, LLC, Scott P. Kear, Sr., Jeffrey L. Lyon, and David G. Seaman.The court’s order stems from a CFTC anti-fraud enforcement action filed on September 29, 2009, in the U.S. District Court in Dallas, charging the defendants with fraudulently soliciting at least $8 million from approximately 224 customers in connection with the trading of foreign currency, forex options and commodity futures contracts. The defendants ran their alleged scheme out of their offices in Texas, West Virginia and Mississippi. Many of the defendants’ customers were elderly and knew each other through churches in West Virginia, Mississippi, Texas, Maryland and other states, according to the CFTC complaint.

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