DFSA Consultation Paper No. 68 Enhanced Corporate Governance Regime for Reporting Entities

The DFSA proposes changes to the corporate governance framework applicable to Reporting Entities in the DIFC. This framework needs to recognise that such Reporting Entities may be incorporated outside the DIFC and be subject to the requirements in their home jurisdiction, in addition to the requirements operating here. The proposed changes are part of a wider review of the DFSA Offered Securities Rules (“OSR”) currently in progress (which includes corporate governance rules). The framework for corporate governance, however, has been treated as a discrete subject in respect of which some clarificatory amendments are now proposed. In due course a consultation paper setting out additional changes to the OSR will be published. Although reform of the rules relating to the governance of entities is a current topic for debate due to recent events in the global economy, DFSA is not proposing, in the changes in this Consultation Paper, to set out bold new standards for conduct nor to pioneer extensive or prescriptive “black letter” obligations to address deficiencies identified in other markets. Such new standards or obligations, in the event they are enacted, will be reviewed in due course for relevance to the DIFC.

This Consultation Paper details proposed changes to the Markets Law 2004 and the Offered Securities Rules.

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